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Celebrating 10 Years


August 2020 marks our 10 year Anniversary for Cultural Shock (CS). To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary we would like to include 5 nonprofit organizations to be a part of our #HERETOSTAY project.

The #HERETOSTAY project means we are simply letting people know that we are here to stay. We are not going anywhere and our partnered organizations we work with aren't going anywhere neither. A lot has happened due to the pandemic that has spread across the world. Our own communities have felt the effects. As businesses are starting to phase back in and reopen, Cultural Shock wanted to help raise funds to support some of the nonprofits in our community. 

We have been inspired by other print shops who have done similar project concepts and thought that this would be a great way for Cultural Shock and CS Design Lab to help raise funds for local small businesses, individuals and nonprofits in our community.

Help us, help our community by purchasing a shirt in support of the organizations that are a part of our #HERETOSTAY project. For every T-Shirt sold is $10 to the organization/business you purchased your shirt from. At the end of each month, we will hand deliver checks to each organization that is involved with our #HERETOSTAY project.

Phase I: Nonprofits | Why nonprofits? Nonprofits play a big role in our community. They are organizations that provide food, education, resources, cultural preservation, guidance, and empowerment to people from all backgrounds. We selected these 5 organizations based on our personal connection to their individual cause.


The Help List | We believe everyone who work, serve in our community are essential to our community and we are open to suggestions. The Help list will be a compilation of small businesses, restaurants, entertainment industry and other nonprofits that you think are in need of help. Nominations will be considered depending on funding need and requests. We will select 5 nominees to be a part of our #HERETOSTAY Phase II release.

#HERETOSTAY will be taking orders once a week and our team will print, pack and ship orders on a bi-weekly basis. Local orders can select curbside pickup once you your order is complete.

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