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Established in 2010 by four natives of Lowell, MA. The founding members of Cultural Shock(CS) aims to visually express Art and Design through images that reflects the diverse community in which the brand originated from. CS strive to deliver conceptual and creative ideas while keeping products affordable and sweatshop free. The hope is to inspire new trends that will bring people together to better understand one another. Cultural Shock is not just about diversity in ones culture but the culture that surrounds us as a whole. 


Our collection is made by product(s) that are environmentally friendly, which separates us from others.  All of our prints are individually hand printed with the softest touch using environmentally friendly water-based ink. Our fabrics includes a selection of premium quality cotton and made in small quantities to ensure quality craftmenship.


The focus of Cultural Shock is Quality Over Quantity

We are inventors, innovators and trend setters all with a purpose to keep the environment and the people who wear our label in mind.


122 Western Avenue

B Mill Building

Lowell, Massachusetts 01851

Tel: 213.394.9575


By Appointment only. Please call us at 213.394.9575 if you would like to visit our showroom.

onwer of Awesome Sneakers Shop

Originated in Lowell, MA

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